James Assigned to Four House Committees
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Lee James (R-Venango/Butler) this week was assigned to serve on four House committees, which will ensure residents in the 64th Legislative District covering Venango and northern Butler counties will have a strong voice on issues related to taxes, energy development, municipal governments and the concerns of veterans.

“Our Commonwealth will be addressing a broad spectrum of issues in the near future and I plan to be a vocal advocate for local residents,” James said.

James was assigned to serve on the state House Finance, Environmental Resources and Energy, Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness, and Local Government committees.

James brings more than 40 years of experience as a local businessman working in both the banking and investment management sectors to his service on the Finance Committee, which considers legislation dealing with taxes and revenues.

“Our tax system must work to promote job creation in an effort to expand the tax base,” James said. “There is an old saying that many hands make light work. If we can grow our economy, we can reduce the tax burden on taxpayers.”

The Environmental Resources and Energy Committee considers legislation related to the natural gas sector of the economy, which has brought many jobs to Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania is blessed with rich natural resources,” James said. “I plan to work with my colleagues to ensure those resources are harvested in a way that grows our economy while respecting our environment.”

James’ service in the Navy from 1966-72 will help him with his responsibilities as a member of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee.

“My personal experience gives me a deep appreciation for the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces,” James said. “I will continue to stand up for local veterans and ensure their voices are heard in Harrisburg.”

James also will serve on the House Local Government Committee, which handles legislation related to counties and municipalities.

“Pennsylvania is a patchwork of county governments with smaller municipal governments that work together to provide programs and services to residents,” James said. “I will continue looking for ways to ensure the various levels of Pennsylvania government work together for the people we serve.”

Residents can learn more about James by visiting his website at RepJames.com and following him on Facebook at Facebook.com/RepJames.

Representative Lee James
64th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Dan Massing
RepJames.com / Facebook.com/RepLeeJames
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