House Approves Natural Gas Bills Backed by James
HARRISBURG – The state House today approved three bills supported by Rep. Lee James (R-Venango/Butler) that would help Pennsylvania begin the process of transitioning from a transportation system based primarily on foreign oil to one that uses more homegrown natural gas as a vehicle fuel source.

“Natural gas is a cleaner burning, homegrown alternative to oil from the Middle East,” James said. “Using natural gas means creating jobs right here in the Commonwealth instead of on an oil derrick in a foreign desert.”

The three bills together would promote the creation of the natural gas refueling stations necessary to serve vehicles that operate on the fuel source while also encouraging employers to expand their use of natural gas-powered vehicles.

House Bill 309 would provide a tax credit to taxpayers who purchase large natural gas-powered vehicles. The Commonwealth would provide a total of $30 million per year through this program. The credit would be capped at $1 million in any year for a single taxpayer.

House Bill 305 would establish natural gas corridors along state routes, U.S. highways and interstate highways. The bill would provide a tax credit to companies within two miles of these roads that either build a new fueling station with natural gas pumps or add a natural gas pump to an existing gasoline station. The total for this tax credit would be $5 million.

House Bill 301 would provide a tax credit for Pennsylvania companies that transition their vehicle fleets from gasoline or diesel to natural gas-powered vehicles. This tax credit would be capped at $25 million. The tax credit would be based on up to 60 percent of the difference in cost between a natural gas-powered vehicle and a regular gasoline powered vehicle.

“These measures represent a realistic way to move toward energy independence,” James said. “We cannot transition overnight to a transportation system based on natural gas. We need the infrastructure and fueling stations in place and the vehicles on the market. These bills are about encouraging Pennsylvania businesses to lead the way into a natural gas-focused transportation future. We can leverage these resources to encourage private investment in the natural gas sector of the transportation industry.”

The bills now head to the Senate for consideration.

Representative Lee James
64th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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