Jan. 27, 2021

HARRISBURG – The House Labor and Industry Committee unanimously approved legislation drafted by Rep. Lee James (R-Venango/Butler) that would increase the time allowed for Unemployment Compensation (UC) appeals from 15 days to 21 days for both claimants and employers.

With the passage of House Bill 178, claimants and employers would have 21 days to appeal the determination of a UC service center to a UC referee and of a UC referee to the UC Board of Review.

The length of time provided to file for appeals in UC cases applies to both claimants and employers, so this bill would not create an unfair advantage for either party in a disputed UC case.

“With the downsizing of Joy Global, Inc., a major employer in my district, a number of district residents found themselves unemployed. In some of these cases, where benefits were denied, newly unemployed workers found themselves unable to appeal because they did not file an appeal within 15 days,” James said. “Oftentimes, meeting the deadline was extremely difficult because of factors out of their control, like mail delays.”

The changes would apply to determinations and decisions issued after the Department of Labor and Industry modernizes the UC system, which is expected to be complete in the spring.

As House Bill 178 received unanimous support from the House Labor and Industry Committee, it now moves to the full House for consideration.

Representative Lee James
64th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Alison Evans
RepJames.com / Facebook.com/RepLeeJames