Route 8 Petition

Please take a minute to digitally “sign” the petition below opposing PennDOT’s consideration of a potential proposal to reduce from four to two the number of lanes along Route 8 in our area.

The Issue

PennDOT currently is conducting a study about the potential benefits or costs associated with reducing from four lanes to two lanes a 10-12-mile stretch of state Route 8 from Franklin to Barkeyville.

A broad cross-section of our community has voiced opposition to the idea of reducing the lanes on Route 8.

There are several reasons people oppose the concept of reducing the number of lanes along Route 8 from four to two:

• This would harm our region’s economy, as Route 8 connects many businesses directly with Interstate 80 and the national and international markets that can be reached from that major transportation artery.
• The two-lane road would pose safety concerns for drivers, especially during wintry weather when ice and snow could cause serious accidents.
• The reduced capacity along this route would lead to longer travel times, posing a significant inconvenience for local drivers.
• Any money saved through reduced maintenance costs would likely be eclipsed by the loss of local jobs and businesses that would result from this change.

As a result of this, a diverse coalition has formed to oppose the concept of reducing Route 8 from four lanes to two lanes. That coalition includes:

• Employees and employers, who both recognize this change would negatively affect the local economy, putting workers’ jobs at risk and local businesses in jeopardy.
• Local residents, who understand a two-way road with no median to separate traffic could pose significant safety problems, especially during winter driving conditions.
• Local drivers, who realize the reduction in the number of lanes will result in longer travel times along this stretch of roadway.

In recognition of the obvious economic, safety and convenience concerns that would accompany a reduction in the number of lanes from four to two along Route 8 from Franklin to Barkeyville, I offer my digital “signature” on this petition in opposition to this potential proposal.

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